CEO's greeting

CEO's greeting

CEO's greeting

Started out as a challenge to a new market

It already have passed almost 10 years that we got great support from
Kyung Hyang Industry which is the market leader in the PE (Polyethylene)
cross-linked foam insulation market.

Although great beginning with a confident challenge, we faced numerous trails and errors for a long time. However, we succeeded finally with the investment of  R&D, Facility and talented people constantly. This has been the cornerstone of us.

Until now, we have achieved both NET (New Excellent Technology) and NEP (New Excellent Product) certifications in South Korea. We are the first company who has two certification which is the hardest to get from the government. Also our product is designated as an excellent procurement product and next generation world-class product. As the case stands our product value has been increasing on the construction market.

Additionally, In order to enter global market, we already acquired several important certificates like FM Approval, UL 94, UL Greenguard gold and UL ECV 2282/2283. We are developing distributor by region step by step with several marketing tools and certifications.

In recent days, the most important issue for the construction material are the environment and safety. We will continue research and develop to make our product more eco-friendly and safe.

We will do our best to innovate and challenge continuously for the customers who support and use KyungHyang product.


KyungHyang Cell Co., Ltd.